About Us

La Danza Capra Coffee Roasters is a small-batch, family-run artisanal coffee roaster situated in Zululand on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It was founded in 2016 by Lawrence and Gina Croeser.

The name “La Danza Capra” is loosely translated from Italian as “The Goat Dance”. Legend has it that while Kaldi, an Ethiopian goatherd, was out pasturing his herd, the goats ate the red berries and shiny leaves from a green plant. The flock became excited and energetic and began to prance and frolic about. Kaldi decided to try some himself and, myth or not, the rest is history…

Initially, we innocently thought it would be as simple as buying a roaster and begin roasting. We imported a commercial coffee roaster from the USA and Lawrence (principal roaster) read the instruction manual and dumped the 1st batch. It was lousy and underdeveloped, and we soon realised it wasn’t as simple as we had thought. Lawrence researched books, the internet, forums, and made use of consultants. Gradually, and after many kilograms of wasted beans, did it become apparent that this was going to be a long and rewarding, never-ending apprenticeship. After four years of watching, recording, and analysing roast profiles, we finally feel confident to offer our coffee to you.

The key for great coffee is freshness, we therefore only roast to order and don’t leave coffee laying around to lose its distinguishing flavonoids, which are developed during the roast cycle. Roasting in small batches also allows us to give each roast the attention to detail it deserves ensuring the coffee’s distinctive characteristics shine through.

Due to the positive feedback from far and wide, we have been motivated to take the next step in our coffee roasting journey by offering you freshly roasted beans on this platform. At present we concentrate on roasting only African and South American beans. But we hope that as our palate and knowledge grow, so will our countries of origin. For now, we hope you enjoy the cup.

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